Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Angelina Jolie Beat Jennifer Aniston

News From Artis Panas. After capturing her ex-husband, News Angelina Jolie continues to disturb the life of Jennifer Aniston, and like other celebrities, Jennifer Aniston silent when asked their feud.Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston shift position as a partner Brad Pitt a few years ago. Now he returned depose Jennifer. In what way?

Angelina was chosen as a beauty icon a decade in a survey of 3,000 people. The survey was conducted by Superdrug, drug companies and big cosmetics in the UK.

"Angelina Jolie has a conventional character of beauty. However, a strong character to look extraordinary. That's what makes her unique beauty and become an icon a decade," said Steve Jebson said representatives from the Superdrug launched NY DailyNews, Wednesday (6 / 1 / 2010).

Jennifer Aniston poll results less than Angelina Jolie. While Jennifer is also often considered the most fascinating women in many magazines and websites, but this time, he must accept his defeat from the mother of six children.

Even so, Jennifer Aniston and several other artis such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce Knowles and Halle Berry, still there in 10 major ururtan decade beauty icon. The second row of this beautiful artist more media attention, many are deliberately pitting the two.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Shireen Sungkar

Foto shireen Sungkar, Shireen Sungkar Bugil, Foto Bugil Shireen Sungkar

Foto shireen Sungkar, Shireen Sungkar Bugil, Foto Bugil Shireen Sungkar

Foto shireen Sungkar, Shireen Sungkar Bugil, Foto Bugil Shireen Sungkar

what is can make the artist sinetron shireen Sungkar happy? spray of red roses to the lovers, Adly Fairuz. shireen talented young artist is now the idol of many people indonesia, in addition to beautiful, sheren Sungkar also have the ability akting great. Shireen Sungkar be part of the 100 most popular artists indonesia at this time on Artis Indonesia Magazine.

Minggu, 07 Desember 2008

Sandra Dewi Cute

cewek Bugil, sandra dewi Bugil, artis bugil, Gambar Cewek Bugil
Sandra dewi is sexy artis in indonesia

Gambar Cewek Bugil
Sandra dewi Have beautiful skin, face and body.
but he has a small breast.

The following tips may help it can get the big breast naturally..

There are numerous ways to enlarge your breast and keep them in proper shape. You can go for Ayurvedic treatments or allopathic treatments. Some ways in which you can keep your breasts in shape and avoid slackening are enlisted below:

* Applying Sesame Oil: This oil is extremely beneficial for the body and if you apply sesame oil in your breast then they will increase in size and also remain in shape. Actually the breasts are supported by the pectoral muscle. If these muscles remain in shape then your breasts will also remain in proper form. Sesame oil penetrates easily into the skin and can create astonishing results. It helps to maintain the shape and form of the pectoral muscles. If the pectoral muscles are strong, then the breast shape will also remain attractive.

* Regular Exercise: If you perform your regular exercise, then you can remain in shape. Regular exercise keeps the pectoral muscle in proper shape. While you continue your regular exercise, the pectoral muscles are strengthened. It also increases the overall circulation in the body. Thus, you will remain in good shape and your breasts will increase in size and remain in proper shape. Nowadays people who practice yoga are greatly benefitted. They can do away with anxiety and strain. Yoga also helps to keep the level of oxygen level in the body intact.

* Surgery: Surgery is one of the most important options which enable the female breasts to remain shape. Often with age or with improper nutrition the breast loses its charm and the normal shape of the breast is distorted. Surgery is the best possible thing which can bring their breasts into proper shapes. Surgery can bring the shape of the breasts in order in a very short span of time. It is one of the best possible options for people who want quick result. Sometimes even after surgery the shape of the breast may slacken.

* Pills: Pill is another thing which can bring the shape of the breasts in order within a short period of time. Pills are made up of various medicines. You must be very sure before you actually take the pill. These pills generally contain estrogen binding hormones. In certain cases there may be some poisonous chemicals which may affect your normal female cycle. In order to avoid this you should consult a doctor before actually going for that medicine.

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

Chinese Model

Model bugil,cewek bugil, gadis cantik bugil, Model Cina
Beautiful Model

Model bugil,cewek bugil, gadis cantik bugil, Cewek Cina
Sexy Model

Model bugil,cewek bugil, gadis cantik bugil, Cewek China Bugil
Chinese Model

Chinese Model is famous and beautiful white, white skin is clear that Asia, to see the beautiful, sexy and beautiful vamp

Senin, 20 Oktober 2008

Leah Dizon Sexy

Model bugil,cewek bugil, gadis cantik bugil, gadis indonesia

Model bugil,gadis bugil, gadis cantik bugil, gadis indonesia

Model bugil,gadis bugil, gadis cantik bugil, gadis indonesia

Model bugil,gadis bugil, gadis cantik bugil, gadis indonesia

Who do not know Leah Dizon, beautiful girl birth of the United States is more popular in Japan, his success as a Singer, models and artists, the images his many outstanding in Internet.

Minggu, 19 Oktober 2008


Model bugil,gadis bugil, gadis cantik bugil, gadis indonesia
Gadis - Gadis
Model bugil, gadis cantik, gadis indonesia telanjang
two Gadis

Indonesia has many beautiful girls, but they do not intend to become a model or artists, they prefer to work as office workers or career women, such as in the picture above, the women indonesia beautiful, but reluctant to become a model. In them in a: Gadis Cantik

Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Nana : Sexy Model From Solo

Model bugil, cewek bugil, artis bugil

Name: NANA
Indonesia Name: Nana Toge
Profession: Model
Country: Indonesia
Date of birth: 1983 December 01
Height: 172cm
Weight: 33C, 24, 35
Star sign: Virgo

Nana some time to appear as supporting artists on TV

More About Nana Foto

foto cewek cantik, foto cewek bugil, artis telanjang

Sexy, cewek sexy, cewek bugil,cewek sexy bugil

Cewek toked gede, cewek toge